About Rayma Eveson

Rayma Eveson’s sense of fun is evident, from her unashamed burlesque creations to her adorable pieces plucked straight from her inner child. She likes to cut the strings attached to the normal and mundane of everyday life.

Stumbling over herself with ideas, she intuitively follows where her imagination leads. Her large scale figurative soft pastels and intimate creations are always delightfully playful, with a touch of quirk and a sprinkling of cheek, inspiring, tempting and reminding us to be freer.

She says everyone is multifaceted, and calling on everything she is, and has been, she unveils her inner child, the mother, the lover, the sinner, the saint and occasionally the profound, in a style that’s undeniably distinguishable as her own.

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life”

–  Pablo Picasso